Track Leads

Track your leads by source and follow up automatically

Automate Lead Entry

Forward lead emails to a special email address and CorkCRM will work with to parse the email, enter the lead into Cork, and start the appointment scheduling automation right away.

Track Lead Sources and Conversations

Do you know where your leads are coming from? With CorkCRM, you can track the effectiveness of your compaigns by getting insight into where your leads are coming from. Invest more in the channels that work and less in the ones that don't.

Follow Up Automatically

Schedule more appointments by sending follow up emails to leads that don‘t respond to an initial email or phone call.

Take Detailed Notes

Take detailed notes to keep track of who you've spoken to, and what you've spoken to them about. Note the type of work a customer is looking for so the estimator knows what they're heading out to bid.

Integrations Worth Having

QuickBooks Online
MX Merchant Credit Card Payments
Zillow Zestimates
Google Calendar