Painting Company Names: How I Found the Perfect Name for My Painting Company

By corkcrm | July 11, 2018 | Start a Painting Business | No Comments

 I was in the same place as you six years ago when I started my painting company. I really didn’t care what the name was, I just wanted something that would bring in a lot of business.  In this post, I am going to walk you through my process of picking a name for my painting company. 

Initially I had three main thoughts:

  • Integrating the city name into the business name– we were located in Lansing, Michigan so we would be called the “Lansing Painting Company”. Easy enough to remember and good for search rankings, right?   The only thing was that we did a lot of work in the suburbs of Lansing (Okemos, Williamston, East Lansing) so prospective customers might prefer a company that is more local than a few towns over.
  • Putting my name in the business name – something like “Mike’s Painting”. Nice idea, right? Simple, easy to remember, and personal. But customers might hold the expectation that they would get to work with “Mike”. Given that I wanted to grow the business beyond myself, I didn’t want to give anyone that impression.
  • Choosing a descriptive name, like “Superior Painting” – With a name like this, the name could attract business throughout my entire service area and I could operate without customers expecting to work directly with me.

Knowing that I wanted a descriptive name, I hit up the Google machine for some ideas and got results like this: 

painting company name list  

These names were OK, but none of them felt 100% right. They just didn't hit me the right way. 

So I came up with a list of positive-sounding words and tacked the word ‘painting’ on to the end of them: 

Certainty Painting 
Superior Painting
Assurance Painting 
Evergreen Painting 
Paint Doctor Painting 
QualityPro Painting 
Summit Painting 

About halfway through making my list I googled “positive sounding words” and found this list which helped a lot:

Affirm PaintingAgility Pro PaintingAllure PaintingAbsolute PaintingAdvantage PaintingAppeal PaintingFine Finish PaintingClear Finish PaintingPro Finish PaintingPrecision PaintingPrecision Paint ProsSuperPro PaintingSteadfast PaintingSkillPro Painting
name starters

Then I threw in some candidates from the NATO Phonetic Alphabet

Bravo Painting
Delta Painting
Echo Painting
Tango Painting
Vector Painting
Yankee Painting
Zulu Painting

I added .com to the end of these in a spreadsheet and then copied/ pasted them into GoDaddy’s handy dandy bulk domain search tool

This weeded out quite a few. And then I took what was left and did some free word association, you know, like in Skyfall when MI6 tries to peer into James Bond's soul. 

This free association exercise helped eliminate 'Appeal Painting' based on the fact that I thought of peeling paint.   My new list looked like this:

Clean Finish PaintingPrecision Paint ProsSuper Pro PaintingAffirm PaintingClear Cut PaintingZulu Painting

From what was left, Precision Paint Pros jumped out at me right away, and I was sold.   Shortly thereafter, I had this big moment where I thought about how I wanted my painting company's name to be a representation of myself, so I threw out the rule book and went with MDH Painting. *Sigh* I know.  For what it's worth, business boomed.  


Painting Company Name List

Below we've compiled a list of 481 actual painting companies in Michigan.  Here's the list:

4th Generation Painting, Inc. A & B Painting Inc. A & M Painting, Inc. A&R Painting Company A-1 Perfection Painting Inc. A-B. Painting, Inc. A. Vaughn Painting & Sand Blasting, Inc. A.R.T. Painting Abc Industrial Painting, Inc. Ace Painting, Inc. Acme Cleaning And Painting Co. Al Rogers Painting, Inc. All Brite Painting, Inc. All Quality Painting, Inc. All Seasons Painting Company, Inc. All Seasons Painting, Inc. Alliance Painting, Inc. Allied Painting, Inc. Allstate Painting And Decorating Company Alma Painting And Decorating Service, Inc. Alma Painting, Inc. Aluminum Painting Corporation Ames Painting Service, Inc. Anchor Painting Company Anthony Painting, Inc. Apex Painting Company, Inc. Apolloni Maintenance & Painting Company, Inc. Apple Painting Services, Inc. Appleton Painting Inc. Arbor Painting, Inc. Area Painting Area Painting Company Arrow Painting, Inc. Artistic Painting, Inc. Ashley Painting & Property Svc. Inc. Ashram Painting & Repair, Inc. Associated Painting Co. Of Kalamazoo Astor Decorating And Painting Company Inc. Atsalis Bros. Painting And Maintenance Co. Atsalis Brothers Painting Co. B & D Painting & Remodeling, Inc. B & D Painting, Inc. B & J Painting, Inc. B & J Painting, Inc. B & K Painting, Inc. B & M Wallcovering And Painting, Inc. B. & L. Drywall & Painting, Inc. B.R.B. Painting, Inc. Bailey's Window Cleaning & Painting Service Barnabo Painting Company Barney R. Weinhardt Painting Contractor, Inc. Baxter Decorating And Painting Co. Bennett & Sons Painting, Inc. Benson's Painting Co. Bernard Benkoff Painting & Wallpapering, Inc. Best Commercial & Residential Painting Inc. Bidwell Painting Company, Inc. Bierens And Vankuiken Painting Company, Inc. Bierens Painting And Contracting, Inc. Blanchard's Painting Company, Inc. Bosma Painting & Surface Coating Company Brockman Painting Company, Inc. Brossoit Painting Inc. Bruce Frost Painting And Contracting, Inc. Brushworks Painting Inc. Buchner Painting, Inc. Burden And Sons Painting Decorating, Inc. Burnside Professional Painting, Inc. C & F Painting C & F Painting Incorporated C & J Painting Co., Inc. C & L Painting Ii Co. C & N Dyemen Painting Inc. C & P Painting Services, Inc. C-R Painting & Decorating Co. C. A. Brown Cleaning & Painting, Inc. C. H. Deroshia Painting, Inc. C.H. Deroshia & Son Painting, Inc. C.H. Deroshia Painting, Inc. C.L. Wolff & Sons Painting Co. Cab's Painting Inc. Capco Painting Contractors, Inc. Capital Painting Company Capitol Trimming And Painting Company Carl's Painting Company Carroll's Painting, Inc. Carter & Sons Painting, Inc. Central Blasting & Painting, Inc. Central Michigan Painting Contractors, Inc. Central Painting, Inc. Chameleon Painting Co. Champion Painting & Decorating, Inc. Chippewa Painting Inc. Christian Brothers Painting Co. Christie's Wallpapering & Painting, Inc. City Wide Painting, Inc. Clare Cooke Painting Contractors, Inc. Clarkston Painting Co. Classic Cleaning And Painting Services, Inc. Cleaning, Painting & Repair Specialists, Inc. Cmv Painting & Decorating, Inc. Colby Painting Company Cole Painting & Decorating, Inc. Colonial Painting Inc. Colortec Painting Corp. Colorwheel Painting And Decorating Inc. Colosseum Painting Company Commando Painting Company, Inc. Consolidated Painting, Inc. Continental Painting And Building Maintenance, Incorporated Continental Painting Co., Inc. Cornell Painting & Maintenance, Inc. Cosmopolitan Painting Company Craig Thibert Painting, Inc. Creative Painting Inc. Creative Touch Painting, Inc. Custom Coatings Professional Painting Services Custom Finish & Painting, Inc. Custom Painting Inc. D'angelo's Painting, Inc. D. P. G. Painting, Inc. Dan's Carpet Cleaning & Painting Service, Inc. Dan's Painting Service, Inc. Dans Bump & Painting, Inc. Dave Benkoff Painting & Wallpapering, Inc. Dawn Painting, Inc. De Maat Brothers Painting Contractors, Inc. Dempsey - Painting Company Den Hartigh Painting, Inc. Den's Painting & Maintenance, Inc. Dependable Painting Service, Inc. Detail Painting Discount Painting Supplies Djw Painting, Inc. Doan Painting Company Doug's Decorative Painting, Inc. Dpl Painting, Inc. Dr Painting, Inc. Drouillard Painting Inc. Dun-Rite Caulking And Painting Company Duncan Painting Company Duross Painting Company E. L. Painting Co., Inc. Earl Gagnon Painting, Inc. East West Painting, Inc. Eckhoff & Devries Painting And Wall Covering, Inc. Ed Schweda Painting, Inc. Elbaum Bros. Painting & Decorating Co., Inc. Elite Painting And Maintenance Co. Engbarth Painting & Wallpapering, Inc. Ensign Painting & Maintenance Co. Ensign Painting Co. Ensley Painting Ensley Painting, Inc. Erniemac Painting Inc. Expert Painting & Maintenance Co. Expert Window Cleaning And Painting Co., Inc. F & P Painting Inc. F & S Painting Co, Inc. Faith Painting Company Fernwood Painting Inc. Fiebig Painting Company Finger Painting, Inc. Finishing Touch Drywall And Painting Inc. Flannigan Painting, Inc. Fletcher Painting & Wallcovering, Inc. Fns Painting Of Michigan, Inc. Forhan Painting, Inc. Formin Painting Corporation Four Brothers Painting Co., Inc. Four Seasons Painting Co. Four Seasons Painting Inc. Frank Crews' Quality Painting, Inc. Frank Mason Painting Co. Future Painting G & S Roofing & Painting, Inc. G. & M. Painting, Inc. G. R. Industrial Painting Co. G.L. Bennett Painting, Inc. Gaines Painting, Inc. Garrett Painting Inc. Gary Houle Painting & Decorating, Inc. Gdr Painting Company General Painting Company, Inc. Genesee Painting Co., Inc. George Kountoupes Painting Company George Kountoupis Painting Company Gmc Painting, Inc. Grand Traverse Painting And Decorating Service, Inc. Grand Traverse Painting Services,Incorporated Grand Valley Painting & Decorating, Inc. Great Lakes Painting Inc. Great Lakes Painting Of Michigan Great Western Painting, Inc. Greg's Professional Painting & Wallcovering, Inc. Gus Markellos Painting Subcontractors Co. Guy Lavoie Painting & Decorating Company H & H Painting Company, Inc. H And U Painting, Inc. Hage Brothers Painting Hall And Prince Painting, Inc. Hampton And Taylor Painting And Decorating, Inc. Hart Painting Company Harvey Burdette Professional Painting, Inc. Hawk Painting & Decorating, Inc. Hazelett Painting Co. Heritage Painting And Decorating Co., Inc. Heritage Painting Incorporated Hermes Painting & Wallcovering Co. High Tower Painting Inc. Hilgendorf Painting, Inc. Hill's Painting And Decorating, Inc. Hillis Brothers Painting Holmes Painting Contractors Inc. Horizon Painting Co., Inc. Horizon Painting, Inc. Huron Painting Company, Inc. I.Q. Painting Inc. Icr Painting And Wallpapering, Inc. Industrial Painting Company Industrial Painting Contractors, Inc. Irish Hills Painting And Decorating Co. Itrich Painting Co. J & D Painting & Drywall Plus, Inc. J & J Quality Painting & Sandblasting Co., Inc. J & M Painting, Ltd. J & S Painting Inc. J & S Silk Screening And Custom Painting, Ltd. J. E. Church Painting Co. J. Jones Painting Company, Inc. Jack Smith Painting Inc. Jackson Superior Painting, Inc. Jaimie Parlette Painting And Restoration, Inc. Jml Painting, Inc. John's Bumping & Painting, Inc. Johnny's Painting And Decorating, Inc. Johnson Painting Company Joseph P. Weber Painting Co., Inc. Jubb's Painting, Inc. K & G Painting Contractors, Inc. K. C. Painting Karl Heinz Painting And Wallpapering, Inc. Kas Painting Kas Painting, Inc. Ken Horka Interior Painting & Decorating, Inc. Ken's Interior/Exterior Painting Co. Plus, Inc. Kerry's Painting, Inc. Kin-Kraft Painting Inc. Kirk L. Welch Painting And Maintenance, Inc. Klemp Quality Painting Co. Knoppe Painting Company, Inc. Kooi Industrial Painting Company Kowalske Painting, Inc. Kropp Painting, Incorporated L V Painting, Incorporated L. C. Young Painting & Decorating Company L.C. Young Painting & Decorating Company Lake Painting Co. Lake Painting, Inc. Lapierre Painting, Inc. Lassiter Painting, Inc. Lbk Painting Company Leo Couch Painting And Wallpapering, Inc. Lepage's Painting, Inc. Liberty Painting Co., Inc. Lincoln Park Painting Co. Lloyd H. Holtslander Painting & Decorating Company, Inc. Lloyd Painting Service, Inc. Lucaj Painting Contractors, Inc. M & H Painting, Inc. M & J Painting, Inc. M & M Painting, Inc. M. & K. Painting & Decorating, Inc. M. And A. Painting Company, Inc. M. H. Painting Contractors, Inc. M.T. Painting, Inc. Mackinac Painting & Remodeling, Inc. Madias Cincinnati Painting, Inc. Madias Cleveland Painting, Inc. Magica Painting Co. Majestic Painting Co. Majority-Minority Painting Company, Inc. Maple City Painting, Inc. Marasco's Painting Co. Mark Kachman Painting, Inc. Mark Plasters Painting Inc. Martoni's Painting, Inc. Marucci Painting & Wallpapering, Inc. Master Piece Painting, Inc. Mastercraft Painting Inc. Matthew H. Kirk Painting Company, Inc. Mayflower Painting, Inc. Mcdonell-Johnson Painting Contractors, Inc. Mckissack Painting Company Mclemore Painting Contractors, Inc. Mcqueen Painting, Inc. Mcshane Painting, Inc. Merit Painting Company, Inc. Metro Painting Inc. Michigan North Painting, Inc. Michigan Painting & Services, Inc. Mid-States Sandblasting & Painting Co. Midland Painting Company Midwest Painting, Inc. Mike Van Overloop Painting Miles Premier Painting, Inc. Miller's Custom Bumping & Painting Mitchell A.M. Painting, Inc. Mitcher T. Custom Painting & Design, Ltd. Morris Painting, Inc. Murray Painting Company N & N Painting Co., Inc. New Style Painting, Inc. Norkann Painting & Caulking, Inc. Northrup Painting, Inc. Northwest Painting Company Incorporated Nottoli Painting Company, Inc. Nyberg Painting Company Nyberg Painting Company, Inc. Oakland Commercial Painting, Inc. Olympia Painting Corporation Omega Painting Co., Inc. Orbital Painting Corp. Ottawa Painting Service, Inc. P & C Painting And Finishing, Inc. P.C. Painting, Inc. Painting By Neil Painting Contractors, Inc. Painting Corporation Of Detroit, Inc. Painting Plus Decorating, Inc. Painting Systems, Inc. Palmer Park Painting, Inc. Panyard's Painting Inc. Papke Painting, Inc. Paragon Painting Inc. Paramount Painting And Maintenance Corporation Patton Painting & Decorating Co., Inc. Paul Evola Painting Contractor, Inc. Paulos Painting Company Payment Painting Inc. Peitsch Painting & Decorating Contractors, Inc. Perfection Painting Of Michigan Inc. Perfection Painting Of Michigan, Inc. Pilgrim Painting, Inc. Piontek Custom Decorating & Painting, Inc. Pleasant Valley Painting, Inc. Pma Painting, Inc. Pope Painting, Inc. Practical Painting Inc. Precise Painting, Inc. Precise Touch Painting Co., Inc. Precision Painting, Inc. Prestige Painting And Renovations Ltd. Prize Painting Company Prizm Painting, Inc. Pro Painting, Inc. Production Painting Inc. Production Painting, Inc. Progress Painting Co., Inc. Prudential Cleaning & Painting Prudential Painting & Cleaning Prudential Painting & Cleaning Co. Quality First Painting And Decorating Co. Quality Painting Company, Inc. R. A. Wagner Painting And Decorating Inc. R. G. Painting & Decorating, Inc. R. H. Nixon Painting Company R.G. Juncaj Painting Company R.K.O. Painting, Inc. R.L. Painting R.L. Painting, Inc. Rainbow Professional Painting Ray A. Smith Painting & Decorating, Inc. Ray Forhan Painting & Brick Cleaning, Inc. Ray Forhan Painting, Inc. Reds Custom Painting Inc. Reed's Painting Reed's Painting, Inc. Reinking Painting Co., Inc. Rembrandt Painting, Inc. Richard Bros. Painting Richard Brothers Painting Contractors, Inc. Richard Calhoun Painting Inc. Richard French Painting And Decorating, Inc. Rick Calhoun Painting Rick Z's Custom Painting, Inc. Riley And Roy Painting Co. Riviera Painting & Decorating, Incorporated Rk Painting, Inc. Roberts Painting, Inc. Rogers Industrial Painting Service Company Ron Simmons Painting Inc. Rozmus Painting, Inc. Russ Green Painting, Inc. Russell Painting, Inc. Ryan Painting Inc. Ryan Painting Inc. S & L Painting, Inc. S & S Precision Painting, Inc. S. Stergiou Painting, Inc. S.W. Williams Painting Contractors, Inc, Sam Wein Painting & Decorating Contractor, Inc. Sam's Painting, Inc. Samuel Reiter Painting Co. Saturn Industrial Painting, Inc. Schneiders Painting & Drywall Inc. Sea Way Painting Company, Inc. Seaman's Bumping And Painting Sendek Painting, Inc. Sharky's Custom Painting, Inc. Sheehan Painting, Inc. Shreve's Painting And Decorating, Inc. Siver Painting Contractor, Inc. Sky's The Limit Painting Company Skyline Painting Co. Skylite Painting Co. Skyway Painting & Contracting, Inc. Smith & Knaebel Painting Co. So. Lansing Painting Co. Soft Touch Painting, Inc. Spectrum Painting & Decorating Contractors, Incorporated Spicketts Brothers Painting Company, Inc. Star Painting Co. Inc. Star Painting Company I State Painting Company, Inc. State-Wide Painting Contractors Stefanou Painting And Maintenance Company, Inc. Straight Line Painting And Decorating, Inc. Straight Line Painting I, Inc. Sts Industrial Painting & Maintenance, Inc. Student Works Painting Sun Painting And Construction Company Sunburst Painting And Maintenance Company Sunrise Industrial Painting Contractor, Inc. Superior Painters & Painting, Inc. Superior Painting And Decorating, Inc. Supreme Painting & Wallcovering, Inc. Surfside Painting Corp. Suzanne Traskos Painting, Inc. T & D Painting, Inc. T & G Painting And Decorating, Inc. T & G Painting, Inc. T & L Painting, Inc. T.C.B. Painting And Decorating Inc. Tag Team Painting, Inc. Tanke's Painting & Decorating, Inc. Taylor Painting, Inc. Taylor Painting, Inc. Temple Painting And Decorating, Inc. That Finishing Touch, Painting & Wallpapering, Inc. The Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Painting Corp. The Continental Painting Co., Inc. The Michiganian Painting Co. The Village Brush Painting Company, Inc. Thunderbird Painting Company Timz Custom Painting & Decorating, Ltd. Tom Hall Painting, Inc. Tom Tourikis Painting Co., Inc. Tom's Painting Co. Top Of The Line Painting & Decorating, Inc. Treasure Coats Painting Inc. Troy Carter Painting, Incorporated Tryco Painting & Service Corporation Tyler Painting, Inc. U.A.R. Painting Corp. United Painting And Packaging, Inc. United States Electro Painting Company Universal Painting And Sheeting Company Universal Painting Inc. Universal Painting, Inc. Vancura Painting, Inc. Venus Painting Co., Inc. Villaire Painting Service, Inc. W. C. Painting And Decorating Company, Inc. Watson Painting And Decorating, Inc. West End Painting Co., Inc. Whalen's Precision Painting, Inc. Wilson Bumping & Painting Co. Wittum's Drywall Finishing & Painting, Inc. Year-Round Painting, Corp. Young's Painting, Inc.